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Our firefighters have proudly protected the lives, homes and businesses within our community. Firefighting is rigorous and puts many demands on the human body, both mentally and physically. We are honored to serve community members like you, however our brothers and sisters need your help.

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The dangers associated with firefighting continue to increase with new hazards and challenges faced head-on by our firefighters every day. We remain dedicated to providing the finest care we can. However, our committed service is not without need for assistance along the way.

Our firefighters are asking for your generosity by making a donation today.

Contributions provide vital assistance to our firefighters working to overcome illness and other struggles stemming from the hazards we often face. The hazards we face are real, and often times, life threatening. In 2016, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) identified 10 major cancers that firefighters have a significant increased risk of developing. For instance, a firefighter’s risk of developing mesothelioma is 100% times greater than the general population.

That’s why we are asking for your support. In their lifetime, our brothers and sisters will experience severe health related issues. Our union helps relieve the financial stress of medical bills allowing them to focus on healing and serving our community. Also, your support will help us in our quest to give back to charitable events and organizations within the local community. For example, these are some of the charities and organizations we have previously supported and hope to continue support: the Boys of Girls Club of Huntington Valley, Special Olympics or Orange County, CHOC Hospital's Miracle Network, AYSO Region 117, YMCA of Orange County, and Firefighter's Burn Quest. Your contributions will ensure that we are able to continually do that.

We sincerely appreciate your support as we strive to do everything and anything we can to best protect Fountain Valley.

Thank you,

Fountain Valley Firefighters Association

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